National Water Quality Month

National Water Quality Month

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The availability of safe, clean, water is a need for all but only a right for some. The right to clean drinking water is something we as Americans can often take for granted. August is National Water Quality month. The water cycle circulates the same 326 million trillion gallons of water while less than 3% of that same water is freshwater fit for drinking. In short, the way we handle our water today will affect how our kids and grandkids drink water tomorrow. However, that “clean water” that you use for a morning cup of coffee, to wash your child’s hair, to down after a long run, it may not be as clean as you think. Celebrate National Water Quality Month by following these tips.

Check Levels: If you’re on municipal water, there’s plenty of free information including contaminant and bacteria counts.

Water Management: Use water carefully when watering the grass or washing the car. Overwatering can lead to the runoff of fertilizers which in turn contaminates the drinking water. These chemicals affect not only humans but vegetation and wildlife as well. Over half of the US population lives within 50 miles of a coastline. This means that oil, soap, and fertilizer will eventually travel to these ecosystems.

Consider a Water Filtration System: A water filtration system is an investment that will eliminate the need for bottled water. Invest in your tap instead! This will also purify the water you bathe in, something bottled water cannot.

Limit Contamination: Always think before you sink! Limit what is sent down the drain and NEVER flush medications. These medications go directly into the water supply and affect wildlife like fish. Here’s a recent case of this contamination in fish with estrogen pollution.

During the month of August, take a look at the way you and your family are protecting and bettering your community’s’ water. National Water Quality Month is a great way to remind yourself and those around you that we are the change that can better the water quality.

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