Water Contamination Caused by Old or Damaged Pipes

Water Contamination Caused by Old or Damaged Pipes

Water contamination can be detrimental to one’s health. Smaller towns, or towns that have been exposed to a contaminant like livestock waste, chemicals from fracking or dumping, have water that is not fit to consume.

Certain plumbing materials have been known to allow chemicals like lead to leach into the water supply. This happens when the pipes age and begin to either rust or corrode. Pieces of the pipe can then fall off into the water itself which causes the contamination.

Filtration systems can help combat water contamination by removing the pieces that can vary from microscopic to visible chunks. A common myth is that if your water contains lead, using hot water is safer. Quite the opposite! Using warm water kills off some bacteria but can increase the amount of lead. Boiling the water before drinking or cooking with it will also increase the lead readings.

An example of Water Contamination

Lead is especially problematic for children. Many schools have recently been exposed for either not testing their water or covering up the findings from a lead test. One school in Pennsylvania is actively being sued for the current and future care of Summit Elementary School students who were knowingly being exposed to the contaminated water. In children “it [lead exposure] usually always causes some kind of compromise of the central nervous system” according to Brendan Lupetin, an attorney on the case.

What can you do to ensure your water is safe? Have a professional plumber examine your pipes and test you water. If you have older, corroded pipes that show signs of rust it may be time to replace. But what pipe should you choose? Even pipes that claim to be lead-free can contain up to 8% lead. LinkPlus USA offers the safest material when it comes to clean water, stainless steel.

If the water to your home is clean and free of chemicals, we believe that same water should come out of your faucet. Stainless steel pipes won’t allow chemical to leach into your drinking water as the water stands or flows inside of the pipes. Our stainless steel pipes are easy to install and require no welding, no threading, and no soldering!

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