The Linkplus bump joint joining method makes installation fast and simple. Using standard pipe installation tools along with our Linkplus pliers, you can easily install a complete system that is strong, long-lasting and simple to modify at any time.



+ Pipe cutter of your choice

+ Linkplus pliers – to make the bumps on the end of the pipe (keeps the pipe from pulling out of the fitting in the event of air hammer in the water line or tension being placed on the fitting)

+ Linkplus wrenches or wrenches of your choice


Easy Assembly:

LinkPlusCatalogFinalFigure 1:Using a manual or electric cutter, cut the pipe to the desired length.
LinkPlusCatalogFinal2Figure 2:Slide the collar over the pipe with the collar’s threads facing the end where the fitting will go.
LinkPlusCatalogFinal3Figure 3:Press at least two dimples, evenly spaced, into the end of the pipe with the LinkPlus USA Pliers. This ensures that the pipe cannot pull or vibrate out of the fitting.
LinkPlusCatalogFinal4Figure 4:Stretch the silicon seal over the end of the pipe and position it just above the dimples.
LinkPlusCatalogFinal5Figure 5:Slide the pipe with seal and collar into the fitting and tighten the collar firmly.