Tiny but shiny: Christmas Decor in a Tiny House

Tiny but shiny: Christmas Decor in a Tiny House

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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to add some holiday cheer to your space!  Living in a tiny home, decorating might be a little more challenging.  However,  there are ways to spruce up your house, utilizing walls, doors, windows and jazzing up your everyday furniture.


Use the Door: No matter what size your house is, everybody has a door.  If there isn’t room for decoration inside, go outside.  Get cheery on your front door.   This could be in the form of wreaths, holly, stencils or lights.   Check out the snowflake door on the right.   

Chair Covers:  Add warmth to the room, without taking up additional space. Bust out your felt, cloth, and ornaments.  You can be cheery with santa or snowman chair covers, or add more elegance with some greenery in the form of a wreath.  A small wreath and a neutral ribbon add understated elegance to a small home. Check out the picture to the left.

Wall Showoffs: If you don’t have space for a fir, take the tree to the wall.  One example is to paint a  tree on a wall, but there are dozens of great alternatives.  Pin garlands or string lights on your wall in the shape of a tree, for example.  Or  punctuate your walls with flat fake “presents”.  Walls are a great place for decor and they don’t get in the way of the comfortability and accessibility of your home but add needed holiday ambiance.  


Use fireplace mantels: If you have a fireplace, deck it out.  

During wintertime, the fireplace is the focal point of your living room.  Garland, candles, and chic mini trees.  This is a good time to remember scale of the decor assembled on your mantle versus the size of your house.  

Greenery: Pine boughs in jars, lined up near a window, are simple and elegant.  Use pine cones and sprigs of holly can be paired  with berries, silver or mirror baubles, or craft/mini-lights to enhance the vignette.  Artificial swags and sprigs are also available in any craft store.  


Christmas decor can work in any house, despite its size.  It’s important to remember to minimize the decor so that it does not overwhelm the house by saving floor space, thinking vertical with door and walls, and using a sense of scale when comparing the decor to the actual size of the house.  Let your tiny house shine!  

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