Tiny House, Big Change

Tiny House, Big Change

For a variety of different reasons, thousands of singles, couples, and families have pulled up their roots, sold their homes, and purchased a tiny house. Tiny houses (often on wheels) allow for owners to live in an unrestricted fashion. This means no packing, no hotels, no stress. Perhaps some have chosen tiny homes to escape corruption, technology, or noisy neighbors. Some want to see the world, some want to see nobody by going off the grid completely. Buying a tiny home outright can be expensive, but the payments are often less than that for a not-so-nice apartment. Tiny house plumbing, electric, and design can be challenging.  What changes come with going tiny?


Downsizing:Tiny House

Every item in a tiny home has a purpose, most items have several. Your staircase may double as drawers, your kitchen counter may fold down into a kitchen table. Regardless, you’ll have to say goodbye to boxes of Christmas decorations and shirts you haven’t worn in months. If the move is temporary, consider a storage unit.



Tiny houses are open concept. When you only have an average of 500 square feet, every inch counts. Kitchen cabinets are replaced with open, floating shelves. Most tiny houses have lofts to house a mattress. This may be a key point for taller folks.



With a tiny house on wheels, insurance can get confusing. Is it car insurance or homeowner’s insurance?


Water Delivery:

EEK! Do I have to shower in a lake? What in the world is black water? Some tiny home owners choose minimal plumbing. Some make the plumbing project even more simple by choosing a composting toilet. As far as running water for the shower and kitchen, you’ll need plumbing to transport water from an outside source (like a hook-up found at a campground). If you are off the grid, you’ll need a tank instead. No matter what you choose, you will need to have some sort of plumbing installed to transport water.
Stainless steel is in. In your open concept kitchen, don’t go with unsightly PVC or copper plumbing. LinkPlus USA crafts beautiful stainless steel plumbing. These pipes are easy to install, require no welding, and won’t leach chemicals like the other guys can. Our pipes are visually appealing enough to leave them exposed not stashed away in a big, boxy cabinet. Are you considering LinkPlus USA pipes for your home? Visit our website to find out more!