Tiny Home Design

Tiny Home Design

Tiny Home Design


Tiny living. In a world full of big box stores, big bills, big price tags, and big commitment, many homeowners have chosen a more minimalistic route. The median cost of renting a home is between $600- $2,500 per month or roughly $7,200- 30,000 per year. Owning a home is an investment, one with a lot of daunting upfront costs that leave first-time home buyers shying away, running back to their rental properties with their tails between their legs. Renting is not investing. You will not own a percentage of your apartment when your 12-month lease ends. So why not invest in an affordable home, one that is solely yours and yours to keep; a home that gives the owners the ability to travel in a frugal fashion? Fill that home with the same lavish beauty you always envisioned in a larger, more expensive home. Here are some style tips to make a tiny house the home of your dreams (at a fraction of the cost).


Avoid Claustrophobia:

Tiny houses are, well, tiny. So, throughout the design process, it is important to use every technique to make that small space feel big! When it’s time to paint, use light colors on the wall and consider a light wood floor or tile. Utilize mirrors to spread light and add depth to a smaller space. You may also consider being strategic with windows to allow more natural light to enter the home.


Appliances & Kitchen Design:

You can still have that beautiful HGTV inspired kitchen in a smaller space and with a smaller price tag. Add a nice subway tile backsplash to add texture to your tiny home. Stick to lighter colors and more plain, simple tiles keep the space feeling large. Stainless steel appliances are sleek and very in-style. Match any and all hardware with the stainless steel appliances to keep things cohesive.


Exposed shelves & Plumbing:

To keep that modern feel, many tiny home owners choose minimalist shelving instead of bulky cabinetry. This can leave pieces of plumbing exposed. The sleek look of stainless steel pipes from LinkPlus USA are perfect for open-concept tiny homes. To learn more about LinkPlus USA products and their advantages, visit our website or like us on Facebook!