Secrets of The Tap: What’s Really in Your Tap Water?

Secrets of The Tap: What’s Really in Your Tap Water?

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“Health is not valued ‘til sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller. For children, most nutritional choices are made by parents. Parents shop for the groceries, they often cook meals, they shout into the drive-through intercom. Perhaps the food they purchase is organic, perhaps it’s not, non- GMO, free-range, pesticide free, on every label to every table. To take such an interest in maintaining the health of your children, as well as yourself, is a hefty responsibility but an important one nonetheless. One nutritional aspect is often overlooked. It has no label, little taste, but a huge impact on overall health. How does tap water affect the health of your family?

In adults, 55-60% of the body is made up of water. Water lubricates joints, forms saliva, and provides nutrients to cells. Water is unfortunately an avenue for many contaminants to sneak into the human body undetected. Some of these contaminants can be undetected until the prolonged exposure causes a lapse in one’s health. Here are some of these common contaminants found in tap water.

Microorganisms- Microorganisms are the root of most health problems. They include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other contamination.

Disinfectants- The very formula used to help kill off microorganisms may add more contamination. These chemicals are very carcinogenic.

Organic Chemicals- No, not the good organic. These chemicals are carbon-based meaning they will degrade very slowly over time. These include discharge from industrial chemicals as wells as runoff from crops coated in herbicides.

Breast cancer is expected to become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in this coming year. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Contaminated water, leaching chemicals, and high levels of estrogen are suspected to contribute to these rising numbers.

Take back your tap! By having tap water tested, homeowners can identify many of these contaminants before health issues arise. By installing a water filtration system paired with LinkPlus USA pipes homeowners can reduce these contaminants that are entering their bodies. A water filtration system will take any existing contaminants out of the water while LinkPlus USA stainless steel pipes ensure that there is no post-contamination once the water is filtered. To learn more about LinkPlus USA, visit our website here.