What Makes Plumbers So Happy in Their Jobs?

What Makes Plumbers So Happy in Their Jobs?

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Is it the luxurious surroundings? The subject manner? The late-night emergencies? No, its all about being valued and needed, staying active and social, where no job is complete without the professional problem-solving skills that plumbers provide.

Job growth is on the rise for plumbers, even more so than other labor-intensive careers. New buildings and residences are being constructed with stricter water adequate standards. Houses and older structures are opting to update to more energy-efficient systems.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an expected hiring spurt of 16 percent for plumbers by the year 2026, this translates to about 75,800 new jobs.

Plumbing is a necessity, business owners and customers are always happy to see their local plumber. Plumbers keep things flowing through and out of the pipes. They are valued and needed in all aspects of their job and let’s be honest; it just feels good to be needed.

Staying active while at work releases chemicals called endorphins, they trigger a positive feeling in the body. Plumbers are always out and about getting things done. They work with their hands and this physical activity leaves them with a sense of accomplishment. Staying active also leads to more social interaction with owners and customers which helps with a feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

Plumbers are keeping up with new technology and ideas today. Companies are using modern software in their offices, with apps on their mobile devices they have all the information while out on a call, and can access guides and manual for the products they install and service. The biggest “happy” challenge is that manufacturers in the plumbing industry are consistently introducing new products every year in order to save water, energy, time and money for the business owner and homeowner.

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