LinkPlus - Stainless Steel Pipe


Linkplus offers stainless steel pipe and fittings that deliver quality and value on every level. The LinkPlus system is easy to install, reliable, cost effective and versatile. The natural advantages of stainless steel, low-friction pipe wall, high heat tolerance, UV and corrosion resistance along with our exclusive, and superior, joining method, make Linkplus stainless steel a top quality product.

Since stainless steel pipe does not cause post-treatment contamination, it is an ideal material to convey drinking water from source to consumer. In fact, authorities predict that stainless steel will become the material of choice for water conveyance and may be mandated for use in the future by government agencies, cities and towns.

Environmentally speaking, stainless steel pipe is a smart choice. It has a longer working life and is a desirable recycle or reuse product. Now add to that, Linkplus thin-walled stainless steel pipe minimizes the impact to our environment even further, from mining to reclamation.

Stainless steel has applications across a very broad range of uses including residential, commercial and industrial installations. Stainless steel pipe systems can be found in medical facilities, food production facilities and in energy production applications, to name but a few examples. Because of its versatility, it is expected that stainless steel pipe installations will continue to grow well into the future.


Pipe Sizes

Available in diameters from ½ inch to 12 inches, our products meet or exceed pertinent U.S. and international standards.

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