What is the Lifespan of Stainless Steel Pipes?

What is the Lifespan of Stainless Steel Pipes?

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Do you know how long your pipes will last?  Better yet, how much time do you have left?

These are very valid question and a couple you probably haven’t considered. Whether you’re talking about a home or a business, the answer to is something to be aware of. Why? Because repairing pipes could be costly and unexpected otherwise.

Let’s take a closer look at the life expectancy of 2 types of piping materials – copper and stainless steel.

Life Expectancy & Corrosion

Much of the life expectancy of a pipe has to do with its resistance to corrosion. This has been the downfall of copper pipes. While they can last 30-50 years and were originally though to be resistant to corrosion, time has proven otherwise. In fact, corrosion is one of the bigger problems with copper pipes. And Should corrosion take place, the life expectancy can be greatly reduced to about half of the expect time – more like 15-20 years.

How does it happen? Well, over time traditional piping solutions like copper can break down and chemicals are allowed to enter Not only does this shorten life expectancy, but this can create some serious problems when it comes to appliances and even pose health risks. Learn more about potential concerns in this article from the Water Research Center.

Stainless Steel Advantages

When you compare stainless steel pipes to traditional solutions such as copper material, there are some clear advantages. One of the biggest points of difference is the chemical leaching resistant material from which stainless pipes are made. This helps keep the water purer and the pipes lasting longer.

Lifespan of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pipes have a low interior surface friction, remain stable at extreme temperatures, and are not affected by sunlight or ultra violet rays. This allows stainless steel pipes like the ones LinkPlus installs to be among the most durable option available.

Under typical conditions the performance of LinkPlus stainless steel pipe systems will easily exceed facilities with a 100 year lifespan. This means, the pipes in many cases could outlast the facility itself.

Modifications and Repairs

When considering the life expectancy of a pipe and certainly costs, repairs and modifications are definitely something to consider. After installation and even years down the road, LinkPlus stainless steel pipe connections can be easily modified. Unlike methods for traditional piping systems, connections are able to be made and separated multiple times without damaging the pipe, seal or fitting.

Final Thoughts

When reviewing the lifespan of stainless steel pipes, the most striking thing to consider is that even if a traditional piping solution such as copper lived up to it’s full expectancy, stainless could still double that length of time. And with the ease of modifications and repairs, the return on investment stands to be far greater.

For more on the advantages of LinkPlus stainless steel pipes, check out our Top 10 list here.

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