Don’t Tap into your Savings: Tap into your Tap Water

Don’t Tap into your Savings: Tap into your Tap Water

You wouldn’t pay for air when you can get it for free – the idea seems silly doesn’t it? And yet, homeowners are willing to spend 600 times the amount that they would spend on tap water to purchase bottled. Tap water only costs two dollars per thousand gallons according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Yet Americans purchase around 50 billion plastic water bottles each year, most of which will not be recycled. Wouldn’t it make sense to invest in your tap insteadImage of Tap Water

Most bottled water is just filtered tap water. By purchasing a faucet filter and attaching it to the sink you can have similarly clean and good tasting drinking water.
This can also help address another common concern when it comes to your safety when ingesting tap water. Many homes don’t have water that complies with the standards written in the Safe Drinking Water Act. Around
10% of water systems in the United States aren’t up to these standards.

These unsafe statistics don’t just apply to tap water. Between 1973- 2010 there were 14 reported outbreaks of acute gastrointestinal illness originating in bottled water. In the end, it’s more sustainable, cost-effective, and healthy to choose tap water. Many argue that the taste is off or that it doesn’t seem healthy but there are steps that can be taken to confirm this. A homeowner should have their water tested and have their pipes and fixtures examined by a licensed plumber.

Much of water contamination can occur from the transportation of the water through the home’s plumbing. This happens when the chemicals and minerals in the pipes leach into the water. See a list of contaminants and their effects here. Once your water is tested you and your plumber can choose the best (if any) action plan to improve your tap water quality. This can be as simple as purchasing a point-of-access faucet filter or as complex as replacing those old, rusty galvanized steel, copper or plastic pipes.

The experts at LinkPlus have a stainless steel pipe system that won’t leach contaminants into the drinking water. Our pipes are sustainable, lasting an average of 100 years and can be recycled. These pipes are easy to install and require no threading or welding! Shop LinkPlus USA online to find out more about improving your tap water today!