How To Speed Up Your Plumber

How To Speed Up Your Plumber

A leak that just won’t stop? Corrosion setting in? Water look or smell funny? It could be time to completely replace all your pipes and it may just be time to call a plumber.

As we all know, these plumbing problems seem to pop up at the worst times. Times when it’s inconvenient for our wallet and times when it seems there are a million other things to do. And plumbers don’t have reputation for being cheap or fast. So what’s a person to do?

Well, it turns out there’s one big thing you can do to speed up your plumber from the get-go and maybe even prevent having to call one down the road – use Linkplus stainless steel pipes! 

Quicker Assembly & Installation
Not only do stainless steel pipes have quicker repair times, the actual assembly & installation is much quicker as well. Watch this video to see just how easy it is…

Step By Step Process

  1. Cut the stainless steel pipe to the desired length
  2. Place the attaching fixture (screw nut) on the tube
  3. Crimp the end of the pipe with the LinkPlus crimping tool adding at least 2 dimples on the end (this ensures that the fixture cannot slip off)
  4. Next, slide the silicone rubber seal over the end of the pipe and position it just above the dimples
  5. Last, push the fitting over the end of the pipe and screw the mating fixture with the silicone seal together

In fact, Linkplus pipes can be installed five times faster than galvanized iron pipes and 10 times faster than soldering copper pipes. When you’re paying a plumber by the hour, this can be an incredible cost savings.

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Easier & More Cost Effective
Maintenance and repairs of Linkplus stainless steel pipes is super easy. The “bump” connection method used by the pipes means that they are easily reusable and flexible. That means that if repairs or replacements are needed, the pipe fitting is undamaged. It also means that installing or uninstalling a joint can be quickly completed using only a crescent wrench.

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Slower & Expensive Alternatives
Many traditional homes were built using copper or iron pipes. Both copper and iron pipes are way more expensive to replace and repair for one primary reason…installation/labor costs. Copper and iron pipe repairs typically take longer and involve more tools. So, while the cost of the materials may be closely aligned, the big savings comes in the installation time. And as well all know, more time and resources needed (tools) = more overall cost.

What About PEX Pipes?
While using PEX pipes may speed up installation and repairs, studies are showing that it leaves something to be desired when used over time. The main issues are with pipe failures and the odor that comes from the water being transported through the pipes. This is due to the pipe fittings corroding over time and potential for being overexposed to sunlight. So, while PEX pipes may be able to speed things up in the beginning, over time another call to the plumber may be warranted.

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Final Thoughts
The ideal way to speed up a plumber is to use the best pipes from the start. That’s why many consumers are realizing the benefits of stainless steel pipes from Linkplus. Stainless steel pipes help minimize the chance of common pipe issues such as corrosion and have proven to be way more cost effective in the way of repair and replacement.

Another key factor to point out is that Linkplus is less expensive than other stainless steel systems because it uses less raw material in the piping as it’s unique bump join method does not require threads on the pipe.

For more on the advantages of stainless steel pipes, contact Linkplus today at 844-546-5758!