The Debate: Is Water Tasteless?

The Debate: Is Water Tasteless?

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Are you one of the million Americans embarrassed to serve your tap water, disgusted with the odor or taste that  leads to your spending a small fortune on filters, bottled water, and flavor packets to cover up your bad tap water?  Water has always been defined as “tasteless” “The natural substance water per se tends to be tasteless,” ~ Aristotle.

LOCATION: The United States of America’s natural resources for water come from lakes, rivers, and groundwater. The ballad America the Beautiful was inspired by the view from the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado, I bet if they could see under the ground they would have added a verse about the tap water our land has provided since the 1840s. The largest cities like New York City & Chicago built pipelines to supply drinking water from rivers or lakes.

California: Meltwater from the Sierras and the Colorado River.

Colorado: Rocky Mountains snowmelt and the Cache La Poudre River.

Illinois: Lake Michigan

Kentucky: Ohio River flows through the tap.

New York: Catskill Mountains reservoirs.

South Carolina:  Blue Ridge foothills.

Texas: Six natural sources, Lake Bridgeport, Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth.

Wisconsin: Has over 15,000 lakes that are the #1 resource for tap water.


Taste can also show warning signs! Is your water in this category? Make an appointment with your local licensed plumber today.

Chlorine – If it tastes like you are at the pool, there is likely a high amount of chlorine.  Chlorine is dangerous to your health.

Metallic – High levels of iron, manganese, copper, lead, arsenic, or zinc. Can be seeping into your water supply.

Salty – Too much sodium. High levels of sodium can be debilitating to your health long term.

Sulfur –  High levels that can overpower your taste buds can lead to intestinal distress and dehydration.

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