Tiny Home Design

Tiny Home Design   Tiny living. In a world full of big box stores, big bills, big price tags, and big commitment, many homeowners have chosen a more minimalistic route. The median cost of renting a home is between $600- … Read More

Water’s Role in Hydroponics

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Since 600 BC, humans have been developing systems of active soilless growing. It all started with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the world. Since then, scientists and agriculturists have been evolving this system to … Read More

Testing the Waters- A Guide to Water Filtration Systems

The adult human body is composed of around 60% water. Specifically, the brain and heart contain 73% water, the lungs are around 83%, and the skin measures in at 64% water composition. Every cell needs water to survive. Water is … Read More

Tiny House, Big Change

For a variety of different reasons, thousands of singles, couples, and families have pulled up their roots, sold their homes, and purchased a tiny house. Tiny houses (often on wheels) allow for owners to live in an unrestricted fashion. This … Read More

Don’t Tap into your Savings: Tap into your Tap Water

You wouldn’t pay for air when you can get it for free – the idea seems silly doesn’t it? And yet, homeowners are willing to spend 600 times the amount that they would spend on tap water to purchase bottled. … Read More

Water Contamination Caused by Old or Damaged Pipes

Water contamination can be detrimental to one’s health. Smaller towns, or towns that have been exposed to a contaminant like livestock waste, chemicals from fracking or dumping, have water that is not fit to consume. Certain plumbing materials have been known … Read More

Welcome to LinkPlus USA

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Welcome to the LinkPlus USA web site. Here you can discover a wealth of information about our stainless steel plumbing product. LinkPlus USA stainless steel plumbing is easy to work with, environmentally sound, delivers clean water, and looks fantastic even … Read More

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