New Home Construction – What About The Pipes?

New Home Construction – What About The Pipes?

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New home construction – it can be very exciting and it can certainly be very stressful.  There are so many things to think about…

Checklist for New Home Construction

Electrical Outlets & Switches
What about the electrical outlets and light switches?  Are they in the right spot?  Do we have enough?  You’ll want to think about things like mounting TVs, putting up Christmas lights and having plenty of places to plug things in while working in the garage.


Laundry Room
How about the laundry room?  Laundry can be a hassle, but it’s one of those things we all need to do.  Is your laundry room in a good spot?  Should you be upstairs or downstairs?  Are there convenient cabinets and places to hang clothes?  There are questions to definitely consider.

Ceiling Height
Then there’s ceiling height.  How high should the ceilings be in the house?  What about places like the bedrooms and living room?  Taller ceilings certainly crete a more spacious feel and allow much more light in the home.


You certainly may want to consider insulation.  After all, better insulation means you will have lower bills year round complete with a warmer hours in the winter and cooler house in the Summer.

You might even go so far as to think about the drains.  Of course you want your drains to work well – but do they?  It never hurts to double check things like drainage during the building process.  Hint – it’s much easier to fix something then vs. when it’s all done 😃


Throughout your new home construction, you may have considered everything mentioned above, but did you remember the pipes?  You know the pipes that are going to bring water to your house that you will use to wash those clothes, cook that food and take those showers.  What material is being use in those pipes?  Is it safe?  Stop for a minute to think about just how important the answer to that question might be….

Copper Pipes

Since the 1960’s copper piping has been widely used for domestic water supply.  While it was thought to be easy to use and resistant to corrosion, it turns out failure can occur through pinhole leaks.  The results could be Hot or warm spots in the floor, soaked carpeting, ceilings or walls and abnormally high water bills are signs of failing copper pipe.  On top of that, copper piping is known to be expensive and is typically being replaced with other plastic piping.


In the past few years, copper pipes have been highly criticized by the Water Research Center and others due to their tendency to release copper ions into drinking water. It’s not uncommon to involuntarily take in small amounts of copper found in foods, drinking water and even the air. In reality, a certain amount of copper intake is necessary to perform daily functions. But taking in the increased amounts of copper with a high concentration can lead to some serious health issues. According to the EPA, research has shown that short periods of exposure to high levels of copper can cause gastrointestinal disturbance, including nausea and vomiting.  Now that doesn’t sound like fun!

PEX Pipes

More and more people are using PEX tubing here lately and over time failures are being reported. Most of the failures can be tied to 2 specific areas; the pipe and the fitting. The pipe itself has been known to fail when exposed to chlorine in the water or after being overexposed to sunlight prior to installation.


PEX piping has also been found to be permeable when exposed to some substances, including oxygen and some petroleum products, and can leach toxic chemicals from the pipe material. As for fitting failures, brass fitting used with PEX is caused by dezincification. This causes the fitting to corrode and eventually create leaks. This could mean replacing part or all of the PEX plumbing system.  This could be costly & a giant pain!

Linkplus PipesStainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel pipes are quickly on their way to replacing plastic, galvanized iron and copper to become the major material for water conveyance throughout cities. There are 2 key reasons why this is happening:


1. Stainless steel pipes are affordable.
2. Stainless steel pipes are highly effective.
Stainless steel products are continually being sought after due to their hygienic and environmentally friendly properties, corrosion resistant nature, durability and overall superior quality.

Linkplus Stainless Steel Pipes

Linkplus’ products are among the highest quality in the stainless steel industry. Recognized for their technologically advanced design that incorporates creative, scientific, practical and economical facets, many experts agree that Linkplus produces “the best comprehensive performance pipe” on the market.

10 Advantages of Linkplus Pipes

From sustainability to reliability, the advantages of Linkplus stainless steel pipes are aplenty.  And the best part is once installed, Linkplus stainless steel pipe connections are easy to modify. Unlike methods for traditional piping systems, connections can be made and separated numerous times without damaging the pipe, seal or fitting.