How Much Is This Pipe Repair Going To Cost?

How Much Is This Pipe Repair Going To Cost?

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Like many home repairs, pipe repair is never planned and they always seem to come up at the worst time. After finding out what’s actually wrong, the big 2 questions with any plumbing or pipe repair are always:

  • How long is it going to take to fix?
  • How much is it going to cost?

When it comes to pipe repairs, often times we don’t like the answer to either of those questions and they always go hand in hand. Water line and pipe repairs can take far longer than originally planned and can cost way more than anticipated. The crazy thing about this is that the high cost typically has nothing to do with the actual hard cost of the parts themselves, but rather the labor involved. This is one of the reasons many consumers are turning to stainless steel pipes instead of more traditional copper piping.


Costly Copper Pipe Repair

Copper pipes do not last forever. In fact, this traditional piping solution typically only holds up for 20-25 years. When you consider most consumers have been using copper pipes to transport domestic water supply for the past 50 or so years, you can imagine there have been some serious repair costs incurred over that time. There are even some reports of copper pipes only lasting 2 years before needing repaired.

So, what’s the issue with copper pipes? It’s simple, corrosion. The most common type of corrosion is copper (pitting) corrosion. Pitting corrosion is the non-uniform localized attack of the wall of copper tube, pipe, or fittings initiated on the inside surface of copper water pipes. Usually only small areas of the metal surface are attacked. This can lead to pinhole leaks, which mean some serious repairs are going to be necessary. The problem with repairs that don’t replace the pipes such as using an external solder is that it’s nothing more than a Band-Aid on the actual problem – the pipe itself. Depending on the size of the building, completely replacing pipes could run around $2,000 – $15,000.

There are also articles like this one that tell the story of repairs gone wrong. In this example, a company was hired to repair a pipe that corroded. The company was using new 4” pipe material which was different than what was existing, meaning that a transition gasket needed to be used to make up for the difference in diameter. Instead of using a transition gasket to repair the pipe, the company used a typical gasket, which saved them $1, but ultimately cost the customer over around $5,000 down the road in repairs.


Stainless Steel Pipes Are the Better Choice

Unlike traditional copper pipes which just don’t stand the test of time, Linkplus stainless steel pipes will remain usable for over 100 years. Linkplus’ stainless steel pipes are manufactured from quality SS304 – ensuring that the pure quality of the water does not become compromised by post-contamination, rusting and chemical leaching. This means that often times they will outlast the life of the building with little if any repairs/alterations needed.


Easy Maintenance and Repairs

Linkplus stainless steel pipes use a reusable connection. Repeatedly installing or uninstalling a joint can be completed with ease using an adjustable wrench. This means, should any repairs or alterations be needed/desired, the process will be quick, saving the consumer serious money on labor costs. Just as a reference point, installation of stainless steel pipes is 10 times faster than copper pipes – so you can only imagine how much quicker and cost effective any repairs would be.

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